written by Divine’s ink

Susan got up early, she had to go to work and make arrangements for what was to come. She knew she was going to get the promotion. She had heard that when it was due, only one or two females got a promotion in the company. Her boss had the notion that it was a man’s world hence, his line of action. However, Susan was relentless, she worked hard for it. In fact, tirelessly. Her boss, Jake had made sure of that. She was not his personal assistant but Jake always appointed her for one duty or the other.

From different projects to working extra time, even her weekends were not spared. It increased when she turned down Jake’s request for an affair but she didn’t let that get to her. Then the promotion exam was definitely a big deal. She had studied back and forth and she earned the results that came out of it. She had a good score.

She really needed this promotion. With this, she would get a higher pay and that means automatic financial upgrade. Then, she wouldn’t need to work two jobs to cater for her sick mom.

As she got to the hallway, Dave greeted her and Mike too. They all left for their offices. The meeting wasn’t up till 1:00pm. She had dreamt of this day for the past two years and she couldn’t wait.

By 12:55pm, she got into the boardroom. Most people were seated and some came in after her. Ten promotions would be handed over today and everyone was anxious. She could see Lizy wiggle in her seat. She had worked hard too hoping for a raise. However, Flora was quite confident.

After few minutes, the meeting started. Jake did a lot of introductions but eventually proceeded to the icing on the cake. She listened as the names were called. Susan watched in anticipation until Jake finished calling out the names, all were male then he called Flora’s name. Even Flora who was absent almost all the time got a promotion? Although she got the least position but Jake was done with the list and she didn’t hear her name. The surprise look was not just on her face but Mike’s as well. Some other people looked towards her direction with surprise. Even Flora feigned a surprise.

Jake continued, “Some people actually passed the exam but they still need grooming hence, their not getting the promotion”. “Hopefully, next time, they would be better”, he continued.

Susan knew he was referring to her. To top it all, he winked in her direction. She had that hunch. The feeling that she was going to be targeted after she rejected Jake’s offer. Jake owned the company after all, and could do whatever he wanted but she deserved this promotion.

The meeting ended and Susan wallowed in self pity for some time but she needed to talk to Jake. This wasn’t fair.

She walked to his office after series of thoughts. She got to his office and luckily for her, his secretary was not on seat. She was so blinded by her emotions that she didn’t hear the voices of those inside. Opening Jake’s door. She found Flora and Jake all over each other. They stopped but suddenly seemed to get over it. She got piercing eyes from both of them for barging in.

Susan closed the door and as she proceeded to leave, she could hear them talking. Jake said, “That lady sure doesn’t know how things work, she had this chance but she blew it. Then Flora replied in between laughs, “she really does needs grooming”.

Susan remembered what Jake had told her, “You have the potential but you need to be able to use your God-given talent too, that bottom power. It is only a woman that knows this that can go far. After all, it’s a man’s world”.

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