Saved by the Hit

The cut on my head must have been deeper than I thought. My white blouse was already drenched in blood. I put a hand to the wound as I made my way to the car I parked down the road.

Thankfully, I remember where I parked the car. That would serve as one of the few things that made it to my remembrance list since I started to suffer from partial amnesia.

Partial Amnesia.

That was what the doctor called it when I couldn’t remember some things after I fell down the stairs and hit my head against one of the bricks.
The doctor had advised that I stay indoor always. “I’ll advice that she stays indoor for now. At least until we see a definite improvement”, he said.
And the man who was with me nodded in agreement. The man was later introduced to me as my husband. Phew! I didn’t even remember I was married.

But, it’s been six months since I have been indoor. Yes, I remember that one. So, today, I picked my car keys and decided I was grocery shopping all alone.

Grocery Shopping.

I got into the store and everything was going well or so I thought. Truthfully, I do not remember every other thing until I got to the counter to pay. One of the attendants was eyeing me but I didn’t get it.

Until I made to leave the store and he pulled me back. “Madam, where is the money for the sardine in your bag”, he asked.
I cannot remember taking any sardine. “I don’t have sardine in my bag”, I defended myself but he wasn’t having it.

He landed a slap on my left cheek and everything in my hands came crashing down. I started to cry.

I wanted to speak. I wanted us to check my bag. If there was sardine there, I would pay. I had enough money.

The shop attendant took me off the ground and started to punch me. “You filthy thief”, he kept saying. By now, everyone in the store had gathered.

Some supported him and others asked that he let me be. The last object he landed on me tore my forehead and blood came gushing.

By now, those that were in support of me held him tight and told me to leave the store. Thankfully, I saved my car keys.

I was about to enter the car when a young man appeared near me. “Why did you take the fall for me? You could have told them it was me. You saw me when I stole the sardine”, he said.

And then it felt like a flashback happened in my head. I remembered everything. Everything.

I remembered how he stole the sardine and every other thing I had ever forgotten and my head started to ache.

It ached so bad and I started to laugh. Finally, I’m well again.

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