written by Divine’s ink

“I couldn’t hold back anymore! I had to do it”. I said as I spoke to the Officer before me.

I didn’t even care about hiding the truth. In fact, was glad I did what I did. The detective looked at
me inquiring more. Apparently, he was used to people pleading not guilty. It was so unlikely that someone would own up to such a crime.

I was happy I did it. So why should I act otherwise? Sandra was my best friend but she was a devil in disguise. I was glad I sent her to hell where she belonged.

She knew that Rex was my all, my happiness. Yet, she had the guts to sleep with him. It was even going on for a long time according to Rex. In fact my anger triggered when I heard she was pregnant for him. No one should be pregnant for my Rex but me and since I wasn’t. I couldn’t allow it even for my so called best friend.

“There’s no time to mince words, Officer”, I continued. “I shot both of them. No one can have Rex but me.”

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