written by Chibundu Joyce

Just thinking of it now, I could feel every bit of what she felt. She just wanted to be normal, just normal.

Her thirty- second birthday will be in two weeks and she didn’t have any man who she could call her man.

Ugo was only out to have fun, spend his money and display his prowess in bed. Dele was no better,sweet-talking and always ready to listen but wasn’t up for the commitment. Usman wanted a third wife which her mom had blatantly refused to concede.

And now John is here with a ring….yes a ring and it was only normal to accept it or didn’t they say a bird at hand?.

She couldn’t bear it anymore. He wasn’t just a wife beater but a pedophile. This was the second case and this time with his brother’s child.

The pain, the endurance, the shattered trust, her lost babies, her buried ego, and her man. Everything was gone. She was back to square minus one.

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